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Join of the hundreds of happy claimants that chose TLB Medicals as their preferred Medical Provider.

Over a decade of experience

TLB is proud to have served many satisfied claimants during our several years in business. As experts in medical reporting we pride ourselves on making the entire claim process as simple and stress free as possible. 

We understand that the idea of going through the claim making process can at first seem daunting but with TLB Medicals, we will put your mind at ease. TLB Medicals ensures that you can receive a completely fair assessment of your injuries as well as providing expert recommendations for recovery.

Your Medical Journey with TLB Medicals

Once you have entered your search criteria into the Official Injury Claim Portal, you will be presented with selection options. Here, you will be able to select TLB Medicals to help obtain your Medical Report quickly and with ease.

We’ve created a flow of what your journey with us will consist of, along with some Frequently Asked Questions.

1. Select TLB Medicals
2. Acknowledge your instruction
3. Set your appointment
4. Pre examination briefing
5. Attend your appointment
6. Post appointment
7. Check & upload your report
8. Review your report
9. Accept report

TLB Medicals takes great pride in the work we do. The vital services we offer have helped thousands of claimants with their financial losses and most importantly with successful recovery.

We will take ownership of your case from start to finish. In your journey with TLB Medicals, our aim is to minimise the obstacles you might face and we will guide you through the process – every step of the way to a successful outcome.

Useful Downloads

The following documents further outline our services, processes and frequently asked questions. Feel free to download them for your own records.

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Over 10 years experience

TLB Medicals is an established medico legal agency with over 10 years of experience in the industry. We take great pride in our service and professionalism, and our reports are produced to the highest standard.