Expert Medical Reports

From MedCo through to Specialist Reporting and Clinical Negligence, our dedicated team of specialists are on hand to facilitate all aspects of medical reporting. 

Experts in Medical Reporting

TLB Medicals is a MedCo accredited Medical Reporting Organisation.
We have a large and varied database of medical experts, ranging from GP’s through to Psychologists and Orthopaedic Consultants. Our panel of experts have years of experience in compiling Medico Legal Reports.

Road Traffic Accident MedCo Reports

TLB Medicals is one of the UK’s most trusted and well established accredited Medical Reporting Organisations. Our experienced and knowledgeable MedCo team ensures that every single case is handled professionally, and to an extremely high standard.

Qualified panel

We are proud to have developed an extensive network of medical professionals each of which have been carefully selected due to their expertise and years of experience in writing Medico-Legal reports. This ensures that your report, whatever the case, will be written to the highest standard of medical reporting available. 

Advanced technology

We at TLB Medicals also pride ourselves on our technology and effective data security. We are continually investing in and developing the latest technology, providing a fully integrated system which ensures a simple and secure transfer of data. TLB Medicals take our data protection requirements extremely seriously ensuring that we adhere to the strictest of regulations at all times. 

Quality control

To compliment our speedy first class service, our team also ensure quality control processes are implemented, guaranteeing that all information on the report is 100% accurate the very first time. 

Additional Reports

TLB Medicals can also process a wide range of other medical reports. Our knowledgeable team of specialists, which is constantly growing, has all the relevant experience to handle most types of medical reporting. Regardless of what the case is, we at TLB Medicals are confident we can process the report quickly and up to the highest standard of medical reporting for your client’s peace of mind.

Reports for all cases

We have the team, infrastructure, expertise and latest technology to handle and process all kinds of medical reports successfully. 

Quick turnaround

We pride ourselves on our speedy, ultra professional and accurate reporting service. Looking for a quick turnaround? We can help. 

High standard

All our reports are produced to the highest standards, backed by top medical expert advice, and follow our stringent quality control processes. 

Clinical Negligence

Whatever the Medical Report service you require – we at TLB Medicals are the answer. TLB Medicals has several years of experience in dealing with a wide range of clinical negligence cases.

Extensive network

As one of the largest medical reporting organisations in the UK, we have built a comprehensive network of tried and trusted medical experts.

No matter what your case type, we have the required expertise.

Dedicated case handler

TLB Medicals provides an individual dedicated case handler who will manage the case to the highest professional standard from start to finish. 

This also provides you with a clear point of contact in the event of any questions on your case as well as updating you on the progress of your report. 

Stress free

We at TLB Medicals understand that clinical negligence cases can be both complex and stressful situations for those involved and that’s why we offer a simple, speedy and high quality service to ensure your client is satisfied.

Industrial Diseases

TLB Medicals has several years of experience in providing industrial and occupational disease report services – alongside a team of knowledgeable medical experts on the subject.

We provide medical reporting on a wide range of industrial and occupational disease cases including; HAVS (hand arm vibration syndrome), WRULD (work related upper limb disorder), Asbestosis, Occupational Asthma, CBI (cumulative back injury), Dermatitis, Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL), Stress and Mesothelioma.

Dedicated case specialist

To ensure your case is handled in a professional, efficient and personal manner, TLB Medicals provides individual industrial and occupational disease case specialists.

The TLB Medicals case specialist assigned to your case will have a wealth of experience and knowledge on industrial and occupational disease reporting.

Single point of contact

We assign the same case specialists to manage your report from start to finish, ensuring all information is correct through our quality control processes.

They will be your personal point of contact should you have any enquiries on your case.

Customer service first

High-quality customer service and communication are of utmost importance to TLB Medicals and therefore your dedicated TLB Medicals case specialist will keep you up to date with your case progress frequently and will be on hand throughout to answer any questions or queries.