TLB Medicals has the team,  experience and knowledge to manage and process a wide range of complex cases. 

Let us do the investigating

We at TLB Medicals recognise that some cases require extra attention to detail in order to understand more complex cases. In fact, depending on the details of the cases sometimes diagnostic services and extra investigation may be required.

No matter how complex a case is, TLB Medicals has the experience and knowledge amongst its staff and network of highly skilled medical professionals to understand the case and its complexities.

Diagnostic services

Whatever the Clinical Negligence Medical Report service you require.

Quick and efficient

Once we have received instruction, we will arrange for diagnostic investigations to be undertaken in order to get a clear understanding of your client’s injuries.

Our streamlined process combined with our fully integrated technological system ensures that all diagnostic cases are handled as quickly as possible.

Nationwide diagnostics

Don’t forget, TLB Medicals offers nationwide coverage of all diagnostic services and therefore, regardless of where your client is and how complex the case is, we can help!

• England 
• Scotland 
• Wales 

All levels of complexity

No matter how complex the case, TLB Medicals will provide a speedy and professional service. Our abilities to deal with more complex cases have developed over many years of processing many successful medical reports.